Sherman System or Safety, Health, & Environment Risk Management System is a system developed to help safety and health practitioners in creating and analyzing reports related to risk management.

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Data Security. Try SHERMAN License

We know most of the company have a high concern regarding data security. That is why we here.

Use our system together with your server company. Don't have it? Use our non-sharing cloud storage, exclusively for your company only

Cloud Solution

Owned Database

Action Monitoring

Automatic Analytics


Secure Data

Control your own data inside your own exclusive server while still receiving the benefit as a user that use our server/database.

Guided Task

New to your jobs / field? Don't worry. All the task in the system is guided. 

Assign Task

You can assign task such as Risk Assessment and Workplace Inspection to the designated workers. Sit back and enjoy your coffee

Action Log

Has action been taken? When? Who? Relax. We got it covered using action log. You can monitor if the action taken there

Easy Access

Access your account anytime and anywhere using our web-based system.


You need statistic? We have it. We generate it for you at real time with standard analysis from industry best practices.

Easy Searching

Need to find your report in specific month? You will have some hard time if you use your file. not with our system

it's a software build by Experts
to create an Experts

Non-Sharing Cloud

Personal Cloud


Billed Annually
Weekdays Support for System Maintaining
24/7 Cloud Server Maintaining
Non-Sharing Cloud Server and Database
Mobile Application not included

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Pricing Plan

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Features Licence
User Unlimited
Risk Assessment   
Workplace Inspection
Accident / Incident Early Notification
Accident Investigation  
Log Action
Safety Observation   
Toolbox Talk Report   
Assign Risk Assessment & Assign Inspection  
Permit To Work (PTW)   
Mobile Application For Android / IOS

What Make US Different

Our main focus is to help companies around the world in reducing the risk of incidents and accidents at work. The way we design this system is to create an efficient system for user use in addition to adding value in an effective work process.


work with ease
satisfaction quarantee

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